Shoppers are just realising a supermarket is giving away free vouchers at tills (2024)

SUPERMARKET shoppers are only just realising they can get free product vouchers at the till - and they're getting huge savings.

Tesco is known for its Clubcard scheme, which allows customers to earn points that can be turned into vouchers.


You get one point for every £1 spent in-store and online and after scanning your app or card.

But some shoppers are only just discovering the supermarket giant is giving away free products vouchers for Clubcard holders on their receipts.

Loyalty customers can get personalised coupons at the till for targeted promotions, which can include free products.

Posting in the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UKFacebookgroup, one shopper said:"Tesco giving away vouchers, roughly saved about £15!!"


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They shared a picture alongside the post, showing three voucher freebies - one for £3.50 Lenor fabric condition (42 washes) another for £3 Fairy Max Power (640ml) washing up liquid and a third for £8 Always discreet boutique incontinence pants (eight pack).

The vouchers are valid until July 7 and the savvy shopper estimated that they were worth £14.50 all together.

Another Tesco customer shared a voucher they had been given a voucher to redeem a free Febreze spray.

Others rushed to the comments, with one shopper writing: "Popped in yesterday for a few bits, got one for free fairy softener.

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"Went back today to grab it as had use date as June 25."

Another added: "I did a shop yesterday and got 25 Bold tablets, Flash floor wipes and Tampax pearl all for free."

A third hopeful shopper said: "Will have keep eye out when go shopping."

How to find the best bargains at the supermarket

A spokesperson for Tesco said that Clubcard "unlocks the best value" from Tesco and its Clubcard Coupons are "just one" of the ways that loyalty card holders can save on their Tesco shop.

If you're lucky enough to get one of these vouchers, you'll simply need to hand the coupon over at the checkout along with your clubcard.

It comes after shoppers discovered a little-known scheme called Clubcard Coupons, which could help them save even more cash.

What can I get with Tesco Clubcard?

TESCO'S Clubcard scheme allows shoppers to earn points as they shop.

These points can then be turned into vouchers for money off food at the supermarket, or discounts at other places like restaurants and days out.

Each time you spend £1in-store and online, you get one point when you scan your Clubcard.

Drivers using the loyalty card get one point for every two litres spent on fuel.

One point equals 1p, so 150 points gets you a £1.50 money-off voucher, for example.

You can double their worth when you swap them for discounts with "reward partners".

For example, £12 worth of vouchers can be swapped for a £24 three-month subscription to Disney+.

Or you can swap 50p worth of points for £1 to spend at Hungry Horse pubs.

Where you can spend them changes regularly, and you can check on the Tesco website what's available now.

Tesco shoppers can also get Clubcard prices when they have the loyalty card.

The discounted items change regularly and without a Clubcard you'll pay a higher price.

These Clubcard prices are usually labelled on shelves, along with the non-member price.

But it's worth noting that just because it's discounted doesn't necessarily make it the cheapest around, and you should compare prices to find the best deal.

You can sign up to get a Tesco Clubcard in store or online via the Tesco website.

The coupons are sent out to customers who have opted into Tesco marketing.

Any active coupons can be found under the coupons heading in the Clubcard section of the Tesco Grocery and Clubcard app.

They can be used both in-store and online. Shoppers just need to select "add to Clubcard" in the app.

They are tailored based on taste and shopping habits, so will vary from shopper to shopper.

As well as offering freebies, the coupons can also offer bonus points and instant discounts.

For example, you could get 50 extra points when you spend £4 or more on no added sugar squash and high juice or 25 extra points with any Tesco kitchen towel.

Do other supermarkets offer vouchers with receipts?

A number of high streetretailersoffervouchersand other freebies on the pieces of paper, so you won't want to throw them away.

Shoppers have revealed how keeping hold of the paper has helped them to bag hundreds of pounds worth of products for free in the past.

One Asda shopper revealed how she got aChristmasturkey worth£17 completely for freeafter scouring through old receipts found at her local branch.

Sainsbury's is known for offering bonusNectar Cardpoints on its receipts too.

Meanwhile, Boots gives customers the chance to get money off future purchases.

Customers have been known to receive £5 off certain products on their next shop after scanning through on the self-service checkout.


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In most cases, you can redeem any freebies or bonus loyalty points by scanning your receipt at the till, or handing it over to a staff member.

You should be able to redeem any online too.

How to save money on your supermarket shop

THERE are plenty of ways to save on your grocery shop.

You can look out for yellow or red stickers on products, which show when they've been reduced.

If the food is fresh, you'll have to eat it quickly or freeze it for another time.

Making a list should also save you money, as you'll be less likely to make any rash purchases when you get to the supermarket.

Going own brand can be one easy way to save hundreds of pounds a year on your food bills too.

This means ditching "finest" or "luxury" products and instead going for "own" or value" type of lines.

Plenty of supermarkets run wonky veg and fruit schemes where you can get cheap prices if they're misshapen or imperfect.

For example, Lidl runs its Waste Not scheme, offering boxes of 5kg of fruit and vegetables for just £1.50.

If you're on a low income and a parent, you may be able to get up to £442 a year inHealthy Start vouchersto use at the supermarket too.

Plus, many councils offer supermarket vouchers as part of theHousehold Support Fund.

Shoppers are just realising a supermarket is giving away free vouchers at tills (2024)
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